Kentico CMS - What is it?

Based on MVC design, Kentico is ASP.Net, CMS platform for developing different eCommerce stores, enterprise level websites as well as Web 2.0 community sites. The Kentico application provides you with great support for scaling different website functionality including Social Networking, eCommerce, Intranet and Online Marketing development solutions. Various major brands including Mazda, Starbucks, Allergan, Twinings, Sony, Microsoft and 25,000 others have incorporated Kentico in their business module.


Why is it Beneficial to Use Kentico CMS?

One-Stop Solution

Kentico supports multiple features such as online marketing where it incorporates newsletters, forums as well as retail stores.


Kentico is considered to be one of the easiest Content Management systems (CMS) to use. You do not require high level of technical knowledge for customizing or editing the content since it provides a WYSIWYG browser-based interface.

Content Staging

Kentico helps to minimize the admin responsibility by scheduling content for publishing. It provides easy content transfer from test versions to live environments thereby boosting the overall productivity of the business.

Smart Search Feature

Kentico CMS integrates a Lucene-based search technology that empowers both content search and location efficiently. It frequently updates the search results so that result accuracy remains optimized.

Safe and Secure

Web apps are not prone to attacks through Kentico as it comes guarded with security features like double opt-in registrations, module permissions, user management and customizable authentication service integrations.

Flawless Support

Kentico comes with a -day bug fixing policy as well as an extensive 24/7 support facility. Additionally, you get a flawless customer experience through different forum discussions and FAQs to assist you with your queries.

What Can You Avail from Our Kentico CMS Development Services?

  • Architectural Design and Development
  • Mobile and Social Application Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Creative Designing
  • DB Optimization
  • Content Analysis and Migration
  • Custom Module Design and Development
  • Performance testing
  • Web 2.0 Solutions
  • Support & Maintenance

Why Prutha Technologies is Your Perfect Kentico CMS Development Partner?

Our skilled and efficient team of developers have established the perfect approach to strategize, analyze, plan, design and develop CMS solutions for you. Noteworthy appreciation from our clients attest to their great satisfaction with our solutions. In addition to our experience and expertise in Kentico CMS development, we are known for delivering scalable Mobile and Web 2.0 solutions for your business. Our creative and technology team stands out with our exclusive maintenance and support services we provide to all our clients.

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