PHP, MySQL is an open source database management system that is available for free and supports all the operating systems and programming languages. It has a huge supporting community and a clear and detailed documentation. It is a part of the LAMP stack and is best used in conjunction with the PHP applications.

Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, Walmart and NASA are some of the renowned names using the MySQL data backend.

Why MySQL?

Simple To Use

Its installation and use is simple and easy. Anyone possessing basic SQL skills can work on it effectively.

Transactional Support

Distributed transactional capabilities, multi-version and ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated, durable) compliance are some of the key features of MySQL.


The database can be effectively protected with security features like password encryption. Moreover, allocating user and group privileges can add an extra protective layer to the database.


Widely known for its scalability, MySQL can handle large amounts of data without causing any bottleneck. You can even customize MySQL to handle over 8TB of data.

Cost Effective

Its low cost makes MySQL immensely popular amongst web developers.

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